Phone:  (281) 863-4300     
Conference:  1:00 - 1:25

5th Grade--

  • Homework--
  • --Entry of the Tumblers--ALL with the bow.   
  • --Power Rock--ALL with bow.  
  • --Medieval Kings-- All with Bow.  
  • "How to practice"--3 step process:
  • 1.  Say the notes
  • 2.  Pluck the notes
  • 3.  Bow the notes
  • Do these 3 things and you will become a master musician!!!
6th Grade--  


  • --Periods 1 & 3:  
  • --"Gaelic Castle"--ALL with bow.  
  • --"Sahara Crossing"--ALL with bow
  • --"Fiddles on Fire"--ALL with bow.    
  • --"Gavotte"--ALL with bow.    
  • --Periods 2 & 4:  
  • --"Gaelic Castle"--ALL with bow.  
  • --"El Toro"--All with bow
  • --"Sahara Crossing"--All with bow
  • --"Fiddles on Fire"--ALL with bow.   
  • --"Gavotte"--ALL with bow.        

Do this note reading trainer everyday and you will become a world-class orchestra player!


Concert Dates

SPRING CONCERT:  Tuesday, May 16th at Vogel.  6:15 P.M. Tuning, 7:00 Concert.  


  • Instrument—make sure your name is on your case!!!
  • Bow
  • Rosin
  • Music (All concert music)
  • FOLDING MUSIC STAND (We don't have enough music stands for everybody)--make sure your name is on both parts of the stand.  Use masking tape and a Sharpie.
  • Nice clothes (no jeans or t-shirts)
  • Cello/Bass strap/rock stop—this is very, very important!!!!!
  • Bass players need to bring their stools.   
6:15 – 7:00- Arrive, unpack in Orchestra Room and proceed to the cafeteria tuning lines.  There will be multiple people to help you tune.  Proceed to your seat within your section (violin, viola, cello or bass).  Remain in your seat until the concert is over.  So that means, take care of your bathroom needs BEFORE the concert.  This is for the safety of your instrument and other student's instruments.  
7:00--Concert starts.  5th Graders perform while 6th Graders stay seated and remain quiet.
7:15--5th Grade concert ends, 6th graders perform.  5th Graders stay seated and remain quiet.
7:45—Concert ends.  After the concert, I will release by sections so that instruments won't get crushed.  Basses first, then cellos, then violas then violins.  Go to the orchestra room, pack up your instrument.  
--Leave your folding music stand here for the In-School concert later in the week.  

Rehearsals and performances are requirements for all performing groups in C.I.S.D.  The String Fling concert is our final test of the school year and it is for grade.  Please make sure that the orchestra team “fields” a full team by making sure your child attends the rehearsal & performance.  

Thank you for your support.  

Robert Beck
Vogel Orchestra Director.  

 IN-SCHOOL DAY CONCERT--Friday, May 19th--6th Grade--9:45 A.M., 5th Grade--2:25 P.M.  Bring your folding music stands.  

Music stores with the * come to our school on a weekly basis and will service your instrument and accessory needs. Just call them and they will drop it off at Vogel.
*Music and Arts Center
Portofino Shopping Center
19075 Interstate 45 S. Ste. 111-H
Shenandoah, Tx 77385
*Lisle Violin Shop—They deliver.
4510 S. Burke, Suite D
Pasadena, Tx 77504
281-487-7303 or 800-545-4753
Contact Person: Mark Lisle
All you have to do is call them.
*H & H Music Company
713 FM 1960 West
Houston, Tx 77090
*Montgomery County Music Center
1304 N. Frazier
Conroe, Tx 77301
Contact Person: Bob Kindy
*The String and Horn Shop
119 N. Main
Bryan, Tx 77803
Contact Person: Paul Rieger
Fishburn Violin Shop--They deliver.
11435 Spring Cypress Rd, Suite C
Tomball, TX 77377
281-290-4580 or 866-950-3480
Contact Person: Michael Willer
Kats Guitars--936-890-7296
For cheap D'Addario Pro-Arte Strings

Southwest Strings
1050 South Park Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719
For cheap D'Addario Pro-Arte Strings

Shar Products Company
Po Box 1411
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Grading Policy
----60% Playing Tests/Concerts.  
----40% Participation Grade--This is a daily grade.  Student starts each week out with 100%.  If a student forgets to take home their instrument or music, that's 20% off each day that week (the same as Band).  If a student forgets to bring their necessary supplies to class, that's 20% off for that day (same as Band).  Most importantly:  participation in class.  

REQUIRED DAILY SUPPLIES--(for daily grade)
  • Orchestra Folder
  • Book
  • Music
  • Shoulder Rest
  • Instrument
  • A smile on your face.


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